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This has been a big week as we roll, roll, roll on to Thanksgiving.  Our initial goal, moving in by tech week for my show is officially dead.  New goal to be in the house for Thanksgiving, still possible, but only for dreamers.  Kermit the frog and I still are keeping the faith!

First, there was painting...Craft White and Apple Green from the Eddie Bauer Home, Arts and Crafts Collection.

Then the installation of the floating, cork floor. Dali from Lisbon Cork at Lumber Liquidators. Vic's intolerance of small ridges at the seams and my intolerance for side-by-side color variations made this a very laborious process, as you can see.

Time for Cabinets. IKEA's cabinets are easy to put together - but the uneven walls, floor, ceiling made leveling a...challenge.

Light at the end of the tunnel! Now all we need is countertops, for the plumber to come on Thursday to finish the sink hookups, and doors on those shelves, range hood...well, there's a lot left to do, but doesn't it look more like a kitchen? The fridge is even plugged in with our Thanksgiving turkey in the freezer!


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The gas line inside the wall, where it belongs.

Victor and I were both the type of student who would write a paper the day before it was due.  We, apparently work the same way as renovators.  We finished the bathroom remodel in Seattle, swept up, and then got in the car to pick my parents up at the train station for the wedding.  Our goal was to have the kitchen remodel done, the stripping/staining in the rest of the house done, and the popcorn ceilings removed and painted by the time my parents got here for Thanksgiving.  Which is now a week from Sunday.  Eek.  We’re chugging along, though…


Wall studs up


Victor exploring old-timey wiring shortly after the sparks flew out of the wall. (Don't worry, the electricity to the house was off by this point.)


The new subfloor in the kitchen. Vic leveled the floor using felt tarp, usually used for roofing. Soon, we will actually be installing our new floating cork floor!


Some of Vic's electrical handywork. The electrician's originally wired this outlet outside of the wall, since it would be hidden by cabinetry. Then we realized that there would actually be a drawer there - banging on the cord. So Vic moved this guy back into the wall.


Here's the after, with the beadboard patched and the juice flowing.


A major crack in the plaster ceiling. This is apparently why we have popcorn ceilings. Some previous owners saw the crack, did shoddy repairs, then said the hell with it and sprayed away. (The popcorn, thankfully, does not have any asbestos in it, and Vic is a lightening fast de-popcorner!)


Vic with actual walls! (They are now taped and mudded too...sanding and priming on Wednesday, painting on Thursday.)


Our old dryer had a problem. It wouldn't stop drying. So, we now have a new, beautiful dryer! (thanks mom & dad!)


And of course there has been more heat gun stripping. Two rooms down, and just a couple of windows in the livingroom to go! The stripping did reveal this sweet artifact - "David's" height, a day before my first birthday. How did I know the avocado green paint layer was from the 70's?

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